pancakes and then some

Great pancake show today. Slusser opened things up with some great ring mod soprano sax delay pedal theremin shit. Best Slusser set I've seen yet. He left the show real quick for a rehearsal or something. Wonder if he saw Elf Ass... Certain noise/sax similarities.

Compression of the Chest Cavity Miracle was next. Lots of awkward fumbling around trying to get unfamiliar equipment set up. Sounded nice though. Sine waves with harsh TRS unplug sounds - hard to fuck that up. Then he gave up and started over. I'm glad he gave it another go because the proper version was fantastic. Heavy breathing sounds morphing into all kinds of scrapes and clunks. A couple sine waves going in the back - analog synth sounds reproduced by laptop. Ezra's great at letting his machine do all the work for him. He knows when to sit there and let the Max patch do its thing. It did a good thing.

Elf Ass.

Thom Blum... My spirit was returning to the mundane world and I was eating pancakes, so I missed out on most of this. It sounded pretty good from outside though. Maybe best from outside. Verbierboten has nice echo chamber effect on the sounds coming out the door.

Crank Ensemble... About 6 dandies cranking simple mechanical things with contact mics on them. Fed through a mixer operated by conductor and mastermind Larnie Fox. With the amount of electronically generated loops in a lot of contemporary music, it is nice to hear some loops so strongly rooted in actual physical things. I sort of feel like they could do a bit more with that idea, but the stuff sounds pretty good anyway. I still wasn't quite back to earth, so I couldn't pay too much attention, but there was a nice range of sounds from music box to grinding terror. Candy striped stockings, fedora, fez. Who knows what the stuff was all about, but it made about as much sense as an insect head.

Marco Eneidi's American Jungle Orchestra played at 21 Grand tonight. I thought it had a lot of the problems you would expect from a group with 10 saxophonists and 4 drummers, but I definitely enjoyed it. With all the problems that come with a huge group of competing personalities, come a lot of fun psychological battles and reactions to observe. My favorite moments came when the whole group of ~22 united in blistering swells, or when certain rabble rousers made explosive music statements (loud and often almost offensive) in attempt to kill the cliche free jazz thing that kept lingering in the atmosphere and/or to snap people out of their noodle trance. Kaiser's guitar solo near the end of set two was such a musical statement, as were the handful of shorter outbursts from Weasel (Weasel's blast beat accompaniment to Josh Allen's solo was one of the most entertaining things to happen during the show).

Back to the pancakes... No Batter H., but this alternate cook is making some progress in his recipe. Some real maple syrup (as opposed to Mrs Butterwhurps, sugar free or otherwise) really went a long way. I consumed my standard 6-8.