Sult, Always I Gnaw LP [Thin Wrist, 2023]
Corcoran / Heule, Erosion cassette [Notice, 2021]
fluke-mogul / Heule / Nishi-Smith, non-dweller CD [Humbler, 2021]
Bruckmann / Djll / Heule / Nishi-Smith, brittle feebling CD [Humbler, 2020]
Voicehandler, light from another light CD [Humbler, 2018]
Sult/Marhaug, Harpoon LP [Pica Disk/ConradSound, 2017]
Beauty School, Crust Immersed cassette [Weird Ear, 2016]
Bill Orcutt & Jacob Felix Heule, Colonial Donuts LP/CD [Palilalia, 2015]
Voicehandler, song cycle CD [Humbler, 2015]
Beauty School, Residual Ugly cassette [Humbler, 2015]
Sult, Svimmelhed CD [Humbler/Conrad Sound, 2015]
Street Priest, More Nasty cassette [Humbler, 2014]
Voicehandler, untitled tour cassette [self-released, 2013]
Addleds, Mottle cassette [Weird Ear, 2013]
Sult, Harm LP [Bocian, 2013]
Basshaters, Flattened Unflattened cassette [My Dance The Skull, 2012]
Jacob Felix Heule & Bryce Beverlin II, Intersects CDR [Eh?, 2012]
Sult, Bark CDR [Bug Incision, 2012]
Basshaters, Sap/Fun CDR [self-released, 2011]
Basshaters, Deux Boulets CDR [Live Actions, 2010]
Basshaters, Bled Bugs cassette/3" CDR [Two Thousand Tapes/Makrame, 2010]
Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio, Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio CD [Conrad Sound, 2010]
Basshaters, Harsh Lovers Sick Zoo cassette [Yik Yak, 2009]
Basshaters, Amsterdam Bologna cassette [self-released, 2009]
Basshaters, 2009oct cassette [self-released, 2009]
Basshaters, Live Spring 2009 CDR [Young Girls, 2009]
Basshaters, Harsh Lovers CDR [Occidentalize(d), 2009] (edition of 30)
Dryer/Heule/Wright, Deburring Tool CDR [Bug Incision, 2009]
Storm of Corpses, Bite Your Tongue CDR [Bug Incision, 2009]
Dryer/Heule/Lindsay, Idea of West CD [Creative Sources, 2008]
Basshaters, Teeth on Concrete CDR [Occidentalize(d), 2008]
Dryer/Heule, Three Quartets [Occidentalize(d), 2008]
Elf Ass, Elf Ass 3" CDR [Whitechapel, 2008]
Ettrick, Feeders of Ravens LP [Not Not Fun, 2007] (edition of 350)
Ettrick, Sudden Arrhythmic Death vol. 2 3" CDR [Not Not Fun, 2007]
Hodag, untitled #2 CDR [self-released, 2007] (2nd edition of ~30, 1st edition lost)
Jacob Felix Heule, April Afternoons CDR [self-released, 2006]
Jacob Felix Heule, Felix Brutus CDR [self-released, 2006]
Ettrick, Sudden Arrhythmic Death 3" CDR [American Grizzly, 2006]
Ettrick, Infinite Horned Abomination CDR [self-released, 2005] (2 editions of 100)
Hodag, untitled CDR [self-released, 2005] (edition of 100)
Jacob Felix Heule, Dog Days CDR [23 Productions, 2004]

appears on:
Guro Moe & Lasse Marhaug, La Region Salvaje, Musica Original de la Pelicula LP [Sploosh, 2017]
T.D. Skatchit & Company, Ear of the Storm CD [Edgetone, 2013]
MoE, Left to Swallow LP [Conrad Sound, 2012]
Barn Owl, Lost in the Glare LP/CD [Thrill Jockey, 2011]
Sissy Spacek, 15-Tet Oakland [Misanthropic Agenda, 2010]
T.D. Skatchit & Company, Skatch Migration CD [Edgetone, 2010]
Gowns, Broken Bones LP/CD [Latitudes, 2009]
Tony Dryer, Duos [Occidentalize(d), 2008]

compilation appearances:
Mirror Trio, Live from the Devil's Triangle Volume 15 CD [KFJC, 2013]
Basshaters, Wonderwerp digital [Audition, 2011]
Basshaters, Mine Sawdust Eyegawks Lots of Pirates CDR [2011]
Ettrick, TTT04 cassette [Two Thousand Tapes, 2010]
Ettrick, The Static Hymnal 6 x Cassette [Factotum Tapes/Husk/Hung Like a Horse?!, 2009]
Jacob Felix Heule, Knot Sounds in the Space CDR [Makrame, 2009]
Soft Teeth (Heule/Mendoza), Mudwagon CD [Edgetone, 2009]
Mist Calif, Live from the Devil's Triangle vol. 11 CD [KFJC, 2009]
Ettrick, Savage Land Sampler CDR [Savage Land, 2008]
Ettrick, Brutal Sound FX Compilation And Exhibition Of Strange Fact 2 x Cassette [Enterruption, 2007]
Ettrick, Unmusical Postscript Eye Eye DVDr [Ouchmyeyeball Films, 2007]
Brzytwa/Heule, Nice Ass 001 CDR [Nice Ass]
Ettrick, Wonder Show Artist's Television Access 2006 Audio Compilation CDR [Artist's Television Access, 2006]
Ettrick feat. Moe! Staiano, Femme Toupee issue 3 CDR