duo and other combinations with Kanoko Nishi-Smith (koto)

We have been playing as a duo since 2007, and have released albums with gabby fluke-mogul, Kyle Bruckmann, Tom Djll, and Tony Dryer.

Voicehandler: Electroacoustic duo with Danishta Rivero (voice & electronics)

Started in 2011. We are primarily improvisers, but have also worked in diverse forms including open scores, scores for expanded cinema and dance, and also site-specific work. website

mirrored percussion duo and other combinations with Kevin Corcoran

Sult: Acoustic noise trio with Guro Skumsnes Moe (bass) and Haavard Skaset (guitar)

Long-running (since 2007), long distance collaboration with two kindred spirits from Norway. Tony Dryer is a former member. We have also collaborated with Lasse Marhaug and expanded cinema artist Greg Pope.

Ettrick: Acoustic grind duo with Jay Korber

Since 2004. Our most significant related project is Elf Ass, a trio with noise artist David Lim (AKA Tralphaz). website


Orcutt-Heule: Guitar+Drums duo with Bill Orcutt.

Beauty School: Noise trio with Tom Djll and Matt Chandler.

Addleds: Acoustic quartet with Kyle Bruckmann, Tony Dryer, and Kanoko Nishi-Smith.