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Nice collection of noise vids. I can remember being at about half these shows, but I kind of like the ones I wasn't at a little better. Unfortunate mistakes in my past concert going choices or do the videos pale in comparison to the real experience? Probably both.

RHY Yau's set was a good one. Screaming into his little talk back buddy fed through an array of speakers, as he's prone to do. The video is a good reminder, but it doesn't quite capture the brutality I heard at the time. Most of the weird feedback tones, which were one of the more interesting elements, got swallowed up somewhere before the camera's mic. Man, the audience looks bored. Maybe they collectively ate one too many pancakes, though these were the days when the pancakes made you say mmmmmm instead of uhhhhhhhnnnnnn. (I'm glad to say either.)

Crank Sturgeon's screwball tabletop set is probably my favorite of the bunch. How did I miss that? Some hooligan wearing nothing but a mutant fish head on his own head and a long ribbed tube on his dick, screaming like a fool, ranting about his tube and working the pedals. Nice combination of silly brutality and other parts that are sort of eerie, sort of mellow and possibly more musical. Goofy video effects only add to this already goofy performance. Poor Shannon caught in the vortex between two sturgeons! Goofy, but the music is good enough that his shtick works.

I remember liking the Cotton Museum set a lot at the time, but the recording doesn't do much for me. As Cardew said, “Documents such as tape recordings of improvisation are essentially empty, as they preserve chiefly the form that something took and give at best an indistinct hint as to the feeling and cannot convey any sense of time and place.” Or, more humorously, “News has to travel somehow and tape is probably in the last analysis just as adequate a vehicle as hearsay, and certainly just as inaccurate.” [http://www.ubu.com/papers/cardew_ethics.html] Actually, this set is growing on me after listening to it again while taking the time to look up the exact wording of that quotation... Very nice.

Ettrick at noise pancakes Oct 30, 2005 (same show as the RHYY set). Ah... This was our 7th show, and now we've got around 54 under our belt. How much, and how little, has changed. I've lost 30-40 pounds, for one thing. Hidden in the menus is some secret footage of Ettrick with Weasel Walter about 4.5 months after this show. So much better, in my opinion.

I can't watch Power Circus without thinking that maybe, when I wasn't paying attention, Marilyn Manson started making really good music. Or maybe I'm in an alternate world where he took a left turn sometime before making Antichrist Superstar. The world would be a better place. Harsh noise, terrified screams, ironically cute melodies.

The T-113 set is another I wish I would've caught based on this video. I get the impression that there was a big rocking sound that isn't quite cutting through on the video. Gives me the same sort of feeling as the great Hisseaters set I saw at noise pancakes a few months ago. Best part is the finger countdown to signal the end of the set, and the resulting triumphant celebration.

The Tarpita Fleisch set is the same sort of thing she has done at most of the shows I've heard, but done particularly well on this occasion. Is the video cut into the show recording the thing to which she was performing a live score?

Mummers... Buried beneath the Jawa costumes and yucking it up is some good music. Mournful delay pedal sax lamentation floating under skittery minimal drums. Takes a turn toward dark ambiance. Ends with some sloppy hard bop I could kinda do without. But man, another set I should've seen.

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