G3/exp.folx: Kukie Matter, Amphibious Gestures, Slusser

Nice noise at G3/exp.folx last night. I arrived while Kukie Matter was playing. Live digital video being projected into one of the booths on the side wall. No performer to be seen -- she's tucked away into a corner of the actual stage. Subdued, grainy digital sounds. Maybe you could say it was a soundscape, though I've never quite understood what that term implies (maybe just way too many misapplications). In any case, it seemed to be filling the room with the natural sounds of the post-apocalyptic post-digital future. I missed most of it, but most of the audience seemed pretty damn entranced.

Amphibious Gestures took over the video screen booth, performing in the dark with only his glowing eyes lighting the way (and shifting colors, no less). The best part was a section of weird high tones arguing with each other -- sounded so good flying around above our heads (launched out of the speakers strangely hung 20 feet in the air and pointed nowhere in particular). The sub was loud in a way that was pretty unbalanced with the rest of the music until it was tamed partway through the set.

David Slusser fired up all his gear and started out his set more or less with a soundcheck. 15 seconds of mini monophonic Casio beeps fed through the Sluss-O-Matic, then an abrupt stop. Bed of crackling continues as he switches to soprano sax, brief horn part, stop, etc. This weird nondevelopmental flow was the most interesting part of the set, and I'm not saying that to criticize the rest of the music. Someone eventually thought to turn off the house lights and Slusser started playing longer, more developed sections. A lot of noisy stuff, occasionally brought back to a more mundane place with saxophone lines and Casio demo sounds.

Rubber O Cement got ruined.


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