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Yam Yad is so damn good. I found a copy a couple days ago while getting some coffee at Mama Buzz, and it's been improving my life ever since. Zine-style booklet with drawings and poems. Matt Vollgraff's drawings are really great -- abstract works calling to mind the style of black metal, Dr Seuss, Yes, Orthrelm and Dali. They unfortunately suffer a fair amount of degradation from the photocopying/scaling process -- ask to peek in the guy's sketchbook next time you see him for the real deal. The real motherfucker is the writing by Jorge Boehringer. Outside of a few Core of the Coalman songs, I didn't even know Jorge was involved in writing. It's hard to even imagine how he has time to write based the amount of live shows I see him play and the number of CDRs of new recordings he passes my way. None the less, these poems are great. Mostly rather absurd and nonsensical, full of fifty-cent words and crude jokes. I had been reading Kora in Hell by William Carlos Williams up until I found Yam Yad, so there is some sort of correlation in my mind, but I don't think that's entirely coincidental. Something about the style seems quite akin to a lot of 1920s avant garde poetry by Williams, Mina Loy or even Gertrude Stein. Of course I know so little about poetry there are probably far more apt comparisons. I said they were nonsensical, but they're far more intelligible and evocative than the prose poems in Kora in Hell. They seem very meaningful and relevant to me, which is beautiful for so many reasons. I saw another pile at 21 Grand, but the stacks are shorter each time. Grab one quick.

I, forty, boric, put forth a counter-preposition
a flamenco dancer's shoes laid down a flat footed iambic
to which I lies from the penitentiary

"Ghastly shackles cannot halt the abosmasal motion created by the thinness of your prospects. Bile moves through the fourth stomach! Shove your rolls of quarters up your own ass, mine is full and the work you demand out of proportion to the pay!"

(from "Zymurgy")



Blogger lisa_emily said...

Glad to see you found George's book. He gave me a copy of YY before he left, it was nice reading.

As for WCW- I always liked his poem: To Elsie

The pure products of America
go crazy--
mountain folk from Kentucky

or the ribbed north end of
with its isolate lakes and

valleys, its deaf-mutes, thieves
old names
and promiscuity between

devil-may-care men who have taken
to railroading
out of sheer lust of adventure--

and young slatterns, bathed
in filth
from Monday to Saturday

September 17, 2007 11:09 AM  

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